Fuel Injector Cleaning/Flow Testing

                                   track lab dyno offers:

                      • Matching of new injectors
                      • Test/Clean/Test
                      • Injectors matched within 1% of flow and matching flow patterns


Why use a fuel injection test and cleaning?

  1. To remove any contaminants inside or outside the injector that impede fuel flow or degrade fuel spray pattern.
  2. To accurately measure each injectors fuel flow ability.
  3. To acquire quantitative data on injector performance the vehicle owner can use in matching injectors or tuning the engine’s fuel system.

Why Flow test new injectors or buy injectors from Track Lab Dyno?

  1. Most injectors are only matched within 5% of their advertised LB/hr. This can cause two injectors to vary drastically in performance.
  2. We test the fuel injectors and match them within 1% of the flow, this allows for much less variance among flows.
  3. We also check to make sure the flow patterns match.

Buying fuel injectors from Track Lab Dyno allows for you to have more evenly matched injectors, optimizing your tuning abilities and maximizing your engine performance.