Ceramic Piston Coating

We work with JCM Machine & Coating, to provide you with ceramic coating for your parts.  Adding a ceramic piston coating allows greater heat in burn chamber for improved efficiency, performance and longevity. Ceramic Coatings are more efficient than Teflon, helps to elongate the life of you vehicle, increase performance, lower operating temperatures, and much more. Ceramic Coatings for Pistons, Dry Film Lubricants, Heat Disbursement Coatings.





We can add ceramic coatings to the following parts:


-Bearings       -Cylinder Heads       -Intake Manifold 4 Cylinder      -Oil Pan

-Crankshaft    -Valve Springs           -Intake Manifold V8                   -Pistons

                         -Exhaust Manifold   -Valve Train Components