Performance Dampers for Gas and Diesel Engines

Protect your truck with the technology high power diesel OEMs use. A Fluidampr performance diesel damper provides premium, broad range control of destructive crankshaft torsional vibration for optimum performance and durability. Install Fluidampr to reduce wear on critical internal engine components when engine modifications are done to gain horsepower or when rotating assembly parts are upgraded. Features high quality, long lasting viscous silicone with precision CNC machined and computer balanced high-grade steel components. No tuning or maintenance required.

why fluidampr?






Don’t be fooled by a product that looks like Fluidampr or Streetdampr and is even advertised as “Fluid Damper.” The bottom line is this product is a cheap imitation. These imitations are not manufactured to Fluidampr’s exacting tolerances and are not backed by Fluidampr’s exclusive money back guarantee. Vibratech’s evaluation of these viscous damper imitations has shown an inadequate fluid fill, making imitations less than effective at controlling crankshaft vibration. They are inappropriately packaged, which could cause damage in transit and rusting. Genuine Fluidampr and Streetdampr brands are always advertised with a registered trademark or the well-known logos, and are stamped with the brand name on the product and on the packaging. All Fluidampr products are made in the U.S.A.

Fluidampr is a torsional vibration damper. Its function is to provide durability by controlling destructive torsional vibration.  A side benefit to vibration control is releasing lost torque and horsepower through greatest efficiency.

A Fluidampr Performance Damper is constructed from three main components:

  1. Outer housing
  2. Silcone
  3. Inner inertia ring

The outer housing mounts to the crankshaft.  When combustion triggers rapid twisting and rebounding (torsional vibration), the outer housing and inner inertia ring will move in-and-out of phase with each other. The motion of the inner inertia ring through the silicone creates shear. Shear eliminates unwanted vibration.


Fluidampr is a product of Horschel Brothers Precision/VibratechTVD/Fluidampr.  For further information about Fluidampr, please visit their website at https://fluidampr.com/ or follow this link: